Monthly Services

Retainer service clients pay the company for a guaranteed number of hours per month, at a 20% discount on our per-project rate. If the full retainer is not expended during a one-month period, that retainer rolls over to the following month. Our clients never lose their retainers when working with SJK PR. We guarantee a fair exchange of services for the collected retainer fee. Our retainer clients are provided with comprehensive monthly billings that detail where and how those hours are expended.

The monthly, comprehensive billings we provide detail the activities in which we are involved on our clients’ behalf, including phone work, meetings, and other services. As part of the services we provide, SJK PR tracks all press releases and provides clients with the relevant numbers, compiles clips that feature our clients through membership in newswire services, and provides details of the phone work conducted on behalf of our clients. SJK PR also periodically conducts Internet searches to gauge our clients’ presence and to determine the level of work needed in that area.

Because much of public relations work is esoteric in nature, our monthly reports help our retainer clients to understand where their monthly retainer is being spent. For non-retainer clients, expenses are detailed on monthly invoices that outline funds expended on their behalf, and copies of original receipts are provided. We strive to always give our clients the maximum value for their dollar, and these reports will reveal how we accomplish that goal.

Please contact us for details.