Fee Schedule

Unlike many of the larger agencies, SJK Public Relations works on either a retainer or project basis agreement.

Project work is billed at competitive rates, depending on the specialist assigned, with a small retainer due before work begins. Time expended is billed against the retainer, and once the retainer is near exhaustion, a new retainer will be required for work to continue. The amount of the retainer will depend on the job or the length of a band’s tour, and any remaining funds are returned to the client. SJK PR is currently in market growth mode and in good faith is offering new clients our great value service at temporarily reduced rates.

Retainer agreements provide for longer-term budgeting and include a set range of hours with a 20% discount off our hourly rate. Retainers are typically best suited for bands on lengthy tours or business clients with ongoing projects.

As your PR requirements change, we can alternate between retainer and project basis. We know each client’s needs are different, and we are happy to modify the terms of our engagement for the best possible outcomes. Specific terms for services and payments are outlined in our client agreement.

In addition to the above, SJK PR offers MySpace/Facebook and other social networking design/maintenance, press kit design, and One Sheet design. Please contact us for details on any of this work and our pricing.